The Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA and What You Need to Know

Amish straw hat laying on a fence post in a Lancaster Pennsylvania horse farmThe Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, is located in the heart of Amish Country, encircled by Amish farms. For over 50 years, the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA has provided some of the best understanding of Amish history and culture, remaining the main interpretive center for guided tours of Amish farmland and of the Amish House & One-Room School. Another key feature of the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, is the Amish Experience Theater, which gives a truly intimate view of the Amish today through the story of “Jacob’s Choice.” During your stay at the Historic Smithton Inn, it will be worth your while to take a visit to the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA. Here is what you need to know!

Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, Tour Packages

Since 1959, The Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, has hosted a farmland tour that takes visitors to different locations around the Amish community, from back roads to a farmhouse and actual Amish home. With all these places available for your touring experience, it is hard to pick just one. There are packages available that will help you select the best combinations to suit your interests. If you purchase the theater and homestead passes along with your farmlands tour, you will receive a voucher for a free on-site buggy ride as well!

Farmlands Tour

You can board a 14-passenger mini-shuttle for an Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, farmlands tour down the back roads and country lanes. While on this aspect of the tour, you will be able to see beautiful views as well as learn about the land that still sustains hard-working Amish families to this day. Still farmed with horses and mules, these lands produce the necessary means to support a community. On the bus tour, you will also pass by some roadside stands, bake shops, or quilt shops that you can stop at to purchase Amish goods. The 90-minute bus tour also comes with a free Amish cookbook!

Plain & Fancy

The Plain & Fancy Farm Dining Room is a great part of the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA. Here, you will find a delectable feast of Pennsylvania Dutch homestyle cooking from farm to table. The a la carte lunch and dinner menu features starters such as sweet corn fritters, iced raisin bread, and a basket o’ wings. The platters are the best part, served with rolls and apple butter. Choose from Plain & Fancy’s own made-from-scratch golden fried chicken, a traditional chicken pot pie, roast beef platter, baked ham loaf, farm vegetable plate, or Grammy Lapp’s meatloaf. Then, finish off your meal with a shoofly pie, apple dumpling, rice pudding, or chocolate creme layer cake- just to name a few options.

Amish House & School

Part of the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA, includes an Amish House & School. The Fisher Family Homestead along with a one-room schoolhouse has been a visitor landmark for over 50 years. These buildings portray real Amish history through the fictional characters of Daniel and Lizzie Fischer, who are featured in the Amish Experience Theater’s “Jacob’s Choice.” Through this film and the following tours, you will learn about what it means to be Amish and what exactly ties the community together. You will also learn about Amish traditions and practices as well as choices to wear plain clothing and live a life without electricity.

After Visiting the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA

Come back to the Historic Smithton Inn after your discovery of the Amish Experience in Lancaster, PA. Back at the inn, you will receive a good night’s sleep before waking up to some delicious breakfast in the morning. For more to do in Lancaster County, download our free vacation guide!.