Recharge Your Batteries With Tesla Destination Charging At The Historic Smithton Inn

At the
Historic Smithton Inn
, we’re always looking for ways to give our guests the

experience in comfort and convenience when they stay in Lancaster

That legacy of accommodating guests’ needs dates way back to
the 1700s, way before we owned the Inn. Back in those days, guests traveling
from Harrisburg to Philadelphia could get hay and housing for their horses here.
Times have changed a bit since then…or have they?

Our Big News!

No, we don’t have hay to recharge horses here, but we are pleased to announce that The Historic Smithton Inn
has recently teamed up with Tesla Motors to offer our guests the convenience of
charging their Tesla vehicles during their stay. We’re thrilled to be one of
the ever-growing Select Registry locations to offer Tesla Destination Charging.

What Tesla
Destination Charging Has To Offer

With over 400 Supercharger stations along
various highways across the U.S., owners of Tesla Motors vehicles have the
convenience of traveling long distances with little concern.
Superchargers can recharge vehicles within 30 to 40 minutes.
A full charge on Tesla’s High Power Wall Connectors allows for the travel of
265 miles, and when evening rolls around, you and your vehicle can find comfort
at the Historic Smithton Inn.

What This Means For
Our Guests

The Historic Smithton Inn has one 80A Tesla Wall Connector
and one Clipper Creek Universal Connector so you can experience the familiar
convenience of the charging process.

And the best part of it all? Guests can charge for free!
Those not staying at the Historic Smithton Inn may also charge their Teslas for
just $15.
Now that we are a part of Tesla Destination Charging, both
you and your vehicle can get the rejuvenation you need before continuing your
journey on
or pleasure.

By Rebecca Gallagher